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For those of you who have spent your valuable work hours poking around the Roozt site in hopes of further procrastination, you may have noticed White Apricot on our Partners page. Much more than just a whimsical name, our peeps (oh, the bad Roozt “hatchery” puns are SO much worse on a Monday!) over at White Apricot are one of THE top eco-fashion websites out there.

In fact, just recently Lucky magazine named them one of “5 Eco Sites to Love” and “the best place to go for Major Deals.” And because we love to brag about our good friends, we figured they definitely warrant a special shout out for all their hard work and success!

Much like Roozt, White Apricot was founded on the realization that there was a void in the market, and that something should be done to fix it. In this case, it was the observation that eco-fashion was evolving into the mainstream, but no one had created a spotlight specifically for the fashion and beauty industries.

So, what was to be done? White Apricot came to the intelligent conclusion that being a middle-man (or woman) platform for eco-fashion companies would give the brands the greatest visibility and be most convenient for the consumer.

It’s much easier to be environmentally conscious when you don’t have to sniff out these fashionable brands yourself, but have someone else do it for you!

Founder Carrie Pollare sums it up best when she says, “It’s all about making small changes in your life. You certainly don’t have to become a ‘treehugger’ to make a difference.  Don’t give up your designer jeans, [just] pair them with tops made from sustainable fabrics.  Try an organic skincare regimen, instead of chemically laden ones you’ve been using.  In other words, just do whatever you can comfortably do, but try to do something.”

White Apricot carries everything from runway-worthy sustainable clothing to comfortable yoga wear, high-end eco-friendly handbags to lead-free lipsticks. Even if they weren’t our good friends, we would love them for the work they’re doing to continue mainstreaming eco-fashion.

If you’re a fan of Roozt, we really encourage you to treat yourself to White Apricot. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Peace, Love, Roozt

-CG with the Roozt team


What is the most sustainable business in the world? If I were to describe it, I would say one that takes potential trash and turns it into something of value (feel free to chime in with yours in the comments). Think about it, not only would you be saving the potential trash from a landfill somewhere, but you’re also providing people with something they would actually want to buy, effectively cutting down on the amount of trash total. This is exactly what a college duo did when they created BTTR Ventures.

The idea behind BTTR Ventures product is simple; take the coffee grounds leftover from various Peet’s Coffee locations (over 8,000 pounds) and use them as the fertilizing agent in a gourmet mushroom growth recipe. Not only is this model incredibly sustainable, but BTTR even takes the initiative after they have used the recycled grounds and donates them to local schools and gardens as fertilizer. This leaves them with literally zero carbon footprint, a way to cut down on coffee waste, a way to fertilize local gardens, AND a way to make a living! Social Entrepreneurship at its finest!

BTTR was founded by two college students going to Berkeley and has grown to a 12 employee company with an estimated 2010 revenue north of $500,000!

We talked with owners of BTTR because we HAD to have them on Roozt. Nikhil and Alex loved the idea so you can find them having their own Roozt deal on October 6! Come by tomorrow to get them 50% 0ff of $19.95!

Check out a video with a little info on the company…

Big Congratulations to REINE BULLARD, our first Kickoff Sweepstakes winner!

Reine won:

1 EcoUsable stainless steel water bottle with a built in filter

1 gift certificate for YouBar’s custom made health bars

1 Moshi voice activated alarm clock

We’re still doing 4 more winners for the Kickoff Sweepstakes so check it out here if you want to win!

Thanks for the ongoing support guys, we’re working hard to bring you a perfect product and it’s looking good 😉