Tips for a Greener Earth Day – and the Roozt Earth Day Promo!

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Here at Roozt, we are sipping our free Earth Day Starbucks coffee from reusable mugs and enjoying the lovely sunshine. We know that it is the small changes in our lifestyle that can make all the difference! So we invite you to join us in Earth Day celebrations.

Here are some basic tips to get your started… But think outside the (recyclable) box!

1. Fill a bowl with cold water and wash fruit and vegetables this way, instead of letting water from a faucet run over them.

2. Arrange furniture to take advantage of natural light from windows. Place desks and reading chairs next to windows to cut down on the need and use of supplemental, artificial light during the day.

3. Configure your printer to print on both sides of the paper!

4. Bring your own bags to the supermarket. Not only are you saving plastic, but reusable grocery bags are usually bigger and sturdier, anyway.

5. Hit the light switch when you walk out of the room!

6. Turn off the oven ten to fifteen minutes before cooking time runs out; don’t worry, food will continue to cook without using the extra electricity.

7. Pay as many bills as possible online to reduce paper use.

8. Fix those leaky faucets.

9. Limit the time you spend in the shower to just a few minutes.

10. Turn off your computer when you’re not using it (even setting it to “sleep” mode still uses power).


ROOZT EARTH DAY PROMO – tell us how you’re celebrating Earth Day!

1. Go to and post on our wall what you’re doing for Earth Day. No action is too big or too small: be creative, have fun, and be green! (Bonus points for uploaded pictures and/or tagging “” on your own Facebook wall)

2. As a reward, we will be giving away (1) $40 gift card for the most impressive action, as well as (3) $10 gift cards for the top 3 people with the most voted “likes” on their Earth Day posts or pictures!

3. So spread the word, tell your friends to help you win, and get green! We’ll be accepting posts through next Friday the 29th.


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