Artifical Leaves Turned Into Energy – Seriously!

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Industry News, Uncategorized

As children, we are all taught about photosynthesis: the process by which leaves convert sunlight and water into energy. This almost-magical process is the reason we have beautiful fields of flowers, lush forests… It is the foundation of all things natural.

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Yet, scientists have found a way to replicate this natural process and create artificial “leaves” that use the same ingredients to create electricity.

In the developed world, one of the things we often take for granted is electricity. It powers our homes, phones, laptops… just about everything! It is hard to imagine life without it.

Unfortunately, over a quarter of the world’s population lives without any source of electricity.  This staggering statistic hinders the economic development of many people around the world.

Can you imagine how limiting it is to not have electricity? Children are unable to read books after sunset, entire communities have no means of communication, and even necessities like water must be fetched from far-away places as there is no electricity to pump it out of the ground.

Are artificial leaves the solution to these problems?

This exciting discovery can be used to generate electricity for homes in developing countries, even in remote areas that are not on the electric grid. This is great news for places that get sunlight year round!

So how exactly do these artificial leaves work? While they don’t exactly resemble a real leaf, the process through which they create energy is very similar to the naturally occurring process of photosynthesis. They are about the size of a playing card, and can be placed in a bucket of water and left out in the sun.

Photo courtesy of EarthEasy

This means that virtually anyone with access to water can use it to create electricity! And you might be wondering, just how much electricity can these leaves make… Each one can generate enough electricity to power an entire home for a day!

Here at Roozt, we are very excited about all the possibilities that people in the developing world could have with access to a cheap, clean source of power! Who knows, maybe one day we will all be using artificial leaves to power our own homes…

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