Coffee, Light Bulbs, and the Future of Global Warming

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

How could light bulbs and coffee possibly be related? Well, they are both making headlines with connection to global warming… and your choice in light bulbs might just affect how you start off your mornings.

"Lightbulb" image courtesy of Matthew Hardingham

Are you a coffee connoisseur? Do you need a cup o’ Joe to start off your day? If so, you will likely be saddened by the fact that heat waves and unpredictable rain in Latin America have destroyed much of this year’s harvest. The culprit? Global warming.

Few countries in the world have the right climate to grow coffee, and it doesn’t take rocket science to see that a drastic change in the rain patterns poses a serious danger to coffee production. This will mean a lower supply of quality coffee beans this year, and maybe even rising prices at your local coffee shop. Better stock up on it while it’s there!

While you are shopping around for coffee, you may also notice some changes in the light
bulbs being sold at the store. The good news:  law makers are working hard to brighten your day, by passing stricter
regulations to increase the efficiency of light bulbs, so you can get more light with less energy. Small
changes like this can make a big difference, and potentially help stop climate change! Something coffee
and tea enthusiasts alike can celebrate.

-GB with the Roozt Crew


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