Roozt Spotlight: NightLight

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

What does it mean to build healthy relationships in the world?

I think it’s safe to say that we all look for meaning in our lives in some way.  We try to build relationships with other people that will ultimately bring meaning, purpose, and hopefully love into our lives.

NightLight offers intervention for those who have been exploited, and hosts programs to help them rediscover their dignity and value in the world. The organization works one-on-one with every woman and child, and helps them realize their true potential.  One such example is teaching the women in the program to make handcrafted jewelry as an economic alternative to prostitution.  With each ring, bracelet, necklace, there’s a story to be told.

This is how the folks at NightLight not only change the world around them, but change their personal world. Building empowerment and changing the world really starts within the individual. We should take the time to realize the unique value that we can bring into today’s world before we go out and try to change it.

What if were to discover something unique within us that can really contribute to the world?  What if we developed a passion for a particular cause and invested our whole selves into that area?  The truth is that there is something out there that makes us unique; there’s something that makes us stand out.  What if we pursued that uniqueness, embraced it, and spread it to the whole world, whether it’s a story, an idea, a passion, or a desire?

Think of the positive change that we can see in the world today.  Think of how powerful a movement we can create together.  How do we live a life of meaning?  Or how do we try to pursue it?  Let’s start within ourselves and figure it out.

-BN with the Roozt team


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