Will algae save us? You make the call…

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

What do rabbits and algae have in common?  If the word “prolific” popped into your head, you’re right on the Rooztbux.   But what makes the abundance of this green slime so important is the fact that, within your lifetime, your car might be running on it.  Certain species of this miracle plant suck in carbon dioxide and convert it to oil through photosynthesis (oh, the wonders of Mother Nature!).  The future of gasoline?  Maybe so, according to Ford.

“Ford has a long history of developing vehicles that run on renewable fuels; and the increased use of biofuels is an important element of our sustainability strategy now and moving forward,” said the technical leader with the Ford Systems Analytics and Environmental Sciences Department. “We look ahead from a technological, economic, environmental, and social standpoint at potential next-generation renewable fuels that could power our vehicles.”

As concerns regarding peak oil daunt politicians (and pretty much everyone in the developed and developing world), Ford is also looking into ethanol and butanol as alternative energy sources.  But the problem remains whether these alternative fuel sources have high enough EROEI (energy return on energy invested) to become competitive and to allow us to continue with business as usual, i.e. blindly depending on technology and risky oil drilling practices so we can continue driving our gas-guzzlers.

Oh, but then there’s always global warming…

The best solution: pull that good ol’ fashioned bicycle out of your garage!  Get some sun, take in the fresh air, and leave your fuel dependency behind.

See you in the bike lane,

GG at Roozt


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