Toxins in the Cosmetics Industry

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Industry News, Partners, Vendors

Recently the Roozt team was having a casual conversation that touched on the realm of natural/mineral cosmetics vs regular cosmetics. We’ve been working with a company called Alima Pure whose deal we just posted and were discussing what all the fuss about natural makeup was really all about. When told what goes into the average cosmetic product, I was in total disbelief. Between cow placenta, mercury and even pthalates (which causes everything from birth deformities in pregnant women to hormone imbalances) I couldn’t believe it. So how do we settle bets in 2010? Do some internet research. Here’s a compiled list of commonly found cosmetic ingredients, what health effects they can have on the users, and some other important things to know about your makeup:

Pthalates- These are generally referred to as “endocrine disruptors”. They have an estrogen increase effect (unnaturally) which upsets your body’s hormone balance. This can result in birth defects in men ranging from undescended testicles to a permanent testosterone deficiency. In women it can cause breast cancer, cervical cancer, early and more rapid pubescence, and even infertility. It has been closely linked to the rising childhood obesity epidemic and is something that should be avoided at all costs. Pthalates and other “endocrine disruptors” are estimated to be in 75-90% of products!

Nanosilvers- This is something I had never even heard of. Nanosilvers kill multiple strains of healthy and incredibly important bacteria. They’ve been linked to the growth of stronger, more resistant illnesses. Other than aiding viruses and unhealthy bacteria, the nanosilvers kill the healthy bacteria in your body causing problems with your digestion.

Almost No Regulation- The President’s Cancer Panel has been quoted saying that only about 11% of ingredients in the industry have been tested thoroughly. Incredibly unsettling considering the potential risks previously mentioned. What new risks will be discovered in a year? 5 years? 10 years?

Known Carcinogenic Ingredients- One chemical in particular, 1,4 Dioxane, is in 22% of personal care products (many even in children’s products) and has been directly linked to cancer

Cow Placenta- I know right? Terrible. It’s not just an ingredient that sounds disgusting, it’s terrible for you. The hormones in the placentas used are enough to show breast growth in toddlers… Girls are developing earlier but I think that’s a little too early

Mercury- Aw the liquid metal. While it looks cool, its effects are very uncool. Even in small amounts, mercury can cause brain damage. So why is it in cosmetics? As a preservative…

And on. And on.

So what should you take out of this? RESEARCH YOUR PRODUCTS! The side effects can be deadly. It’s a ton of work and it’s definitely going to give you a headache, but a research headache is better than one from brain damage.

Issues like this are why we hand pick specific vendors to be sold on Roozt. We do the choosing for you specifically because of our own experiences and research surrounding these products. If you’re looking for mineral makeup, look into a Roozt approved company called Alima Pure. They’re an all natural mineral makeup company that has an amazing mission. We’re featuring them as our deal through the weekend so give them a look!


  1. Josephine Ho says:

    Totally bought today’s deal – thanks for recommending this to me, Michelle!

  2. Karen says:

    I stopped using makeup because of all the harmful chemicals. I also now use body lotions and soaps which are chemical free. I would love to use natural makeup but have yet to find a company whose eye, blush, foundations and other items look good on women of color. The colors are never dark or deep enough or the right shade. If you know of one, let me know.

  3. bonnie says:

    UGH. This makes me so mad that companies do this for GREED! Thanks for this post.

    • rooztblog says:

      I totally agree Bonnie. In the information age we live in, why would companies use harmful ingredients in things that go on skin?? It’s not sustainable as a business practice and unethical as a moral practice.

  4. Josephine Ho says:

    I just bought the dog treat deal for my little terrier, absolutely love it! (Bought two orders!)

    Thanks for bringing attention to many of these responsible and deserving companies. I think there is a huge demand for these products and roozt is providing the needed link that will help change the way society shops!

    I love Roozt, thanks Michelle for introducing me to this lovely site!

    • rooztblog says:

      Josephine you’re amazing! We have a preferred customer/Rooztbux system in the works (Shhhh big secret) and you’re definitely on the list! I’ll keep you posted more as it develops 🙂

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