Arifa’s Story: How A Woman From the Indian Slums Supports Herself

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Man/Woman of the Day, Vendors, Worldwide

Meet Arifa.

She is a twenty-eight year old woman who lives in the slums of the Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh, India. As with most slum children, Arifa was never educated and cannot read or write. She has an eight year old daughter and currently lives with her mother. Arifa’s husband broke his legs in an accident and his medical bills put the family in severe debt…

Her husband now works in Kuwait but barely earns enough money to cover the cost of the interest on the debts, leaving the family with nothing to live on. Arifa was in dire straits when she arrived for training and work. She had suffered two miscarriages and the death of one child, and was struggling to feed her daughter and herself. Her daughter was sent to the local village school and was not receiving a proper education.
Arifa’s life has changed for the better since becoming a One Thread Fair Trade artisan. With the fair wages she earns, she is able to feed her family and improve their living conditions. Her daughter now attends the Aarti School in the city of Kadapa and is becoming a good student. When One Thread Fair Trade asked Arifa how she feels about herself now, she answered that she feels good that she is able to stand on her own feet.
Arifa believes in family. Her dream is for her daughter to become an educated, successful woman and grow up to lead better life than what she had. Arifa is a wonderful mother and we are privileged to have her cushions featured on!
– Arifa is a featured artisan from one of our vendors, One Thread Fair Trade. To see Arifa’s work and support her check out the OTFT cushions here.
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