The Social Enterprise State of the Union 2010

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Industry News, Media, Worldwide

We’re onto something here. We as a community of social entrepreneurs, socially conscious individuals, eco-minded shoppers, people supporting inspiring causes, and individuals determined to change the world for the better. This is not a trend and it’s no longer something that a small percentage of the population is interested in. Philanthropy, eco-friendly behavior, higher standards of ethics, and humanitarian efforts are becoming ingrained into the culture of our society at large. Like technology, each generation is moving forward by leaps and bounds. And like technology we will see efforts increase exponentially. More causes, more funding, more help. If you share these views, the following stats will be breath of fresh air. If not, take note and be inspired.

83% of all consumers want retailers that benefit causes.

– People support companies that support bigger causes. Plain and simple.

85% of US consumers have a more positive image of a company when it
supports a cause they care about.

– People are bombarded daily with branding from hundreds of companies. What’s an easy standard by which to judge the legitimacy of a company? What causes it supports.

80% of all consumers (79% of general pop. 90% of Gen Y) are likely to
switch brands, similar in price and quality, to one that supports a

– Two products side by side with similar properties. One supports a cause, one is completely for profit. 80% of people choose the former. It’s a no brainer. In the past there weren’t always socially conscious companies as a direct substitute to others. Now there are, and people are choosing them more often. Gen Y is leading the charge meaning that the future is only becoming more savvy shoppers.

75% of all consumers want companies to support humanitarian
and environmental causes

– People have more choices than ever. And with those choices they are beginning to expect companies to do more than make a good product. Like support humanitarian and environmental causes.

31% of Americans say that an economic downturn in among the most
important times for companies to support social and environmental needs

– A business environment focused on using more of a group mentality is spreading. As a country and world we need to advance together. This makes for a stronger economy and better standard of living.

81% of US consumers believe companies should financially
support causes at the same level or higher during an economic downturn.

– The world was turned upside down with the Great Recession. We’re still feeling the effects of the collapses in the financial and Real Estate sectors. The old ways of doing things failed and that mentality has stuck. Consumers want more. And if you think your times are hard, there are people being hit 1,000 times harder. The time for giving back has never been greater than right now.

61% of US consumers are willing to purchase from a new brand (brand
they have never heard of) due to the brand supporting a cause

– With the major shift in ideals that came with the recession came the willingness to branch out and do things differently. This includes brands. Think your business cards are cool? Recycled is cooler. And cheaper in most cases. People are more willing to change their brand loyalty than ever and to companies that have a bigger goal than a product or service.

41% of consumers (53% of millennials (ages 18-24)) have purchased a
product in the past year BECAUSE it was associated with a social or
environmental issue

Some causes are so good that the item you pay for is a bonus. People want inspiration and to give inspiration.

Where does that leave us now? In a place and time where we can literally change the foundations of business and philanthropy. A new perspective is already in place. Now it’s up to us to make it happen.

Join the Roozt team in helping to make a difference. If you are a Nonprofit who could benefit from extra contributions or a vendor with a socially conscious product shoot us an email at We want to build and strengthen this community as much as possible.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mohandas Gandhi



(*All stats taken from the 2010 Cone Behavioral Study)

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