Act Bolder – Take a Challenge, Get a Reward

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Everyone wants to do good, or at least, they try to.

How many times do you hear yourself saying “I’m going to carpool everyday to reduce my carbon footprint!” or “ I’m going to start eating healthier!” but end up going back to your old ways after a week or so. At Roozt, we understand that we’re all busy people, and it’s hard to commit to doing good all the time when you don’t see results right away. Here is where Bolder comes in.
Bolder will challenge you to do something positive. You can sign up for the challenge, and as their tagline says, “Do Good. Get Rewarded.” If the challenge is met, everyone who participates gets rewarded! And I don’t mean you get a measly digital sticker or screensaver for your good work. After you complete the challenge and report back, you get free coupons and discounts to businesses like Seventh Generation, Sports Basement and Whole Foods. Talk about instant gratification.

Check them out at

  1. anonymous says:

    i love this site and i think companies that are taking steps towards greater social and environmental responsibility are truly admirable and progressive!

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