Quit Talkin’ Trash & Get Crafty!

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Media, Social Entrepreneurs

The school year is in full throttle and decorating your apartment has quickly fallen to the bottom of your agenda.  In fact, you no longer even see your roommates during the week.  “We never hang out anymore!” Heard that before.  “I want to have people over, but our apartment is kind of boring and I can’t afford Crate and Barrel, Urban Outfitters, or even Target decor.”  Neither can we.

Fun, planet-friendly solution:  Why not save some money, bond with your friends and roommates, and spruce up your apartment, all in one fell swoop?  Put on a movie this weekend and make some tea-tin candles, jewelry magnets, and a frisbee bird feeder for your porch.  Country Living has 31 chic ideas for “recycled crafts,” and lucky for you they’re all right here at your fingertips (literally)!

Just as a reminder to always remember your four R’s: Roozt, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (in that order of priority).  Enjoy!

GG at Roozt


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