Paperfeet: If Footwear Had No Rules

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Media, Social Entrepreneurs, Vendors

Most advertisements scream out at people to tell them how empty their lives are without a particular product or service. Here in LA, you can’t make it down the street without coming face to face with several of these 400-foot demeaning ads. When I’m cruising along, I tend to daydream of ripping down those billboards and making shoes out of them. But alas, that idea has already been taken.  No joke.

Meet Jimmy.  Jimmy loves to adventure and, after having bought a house on a lake, loves to walk around barefoot. But even for outdoor explorers like Jimmy, gravel and hot asphalt sometimes bring on the blisters and band aids. Jimmy was faced with a three-pronged choice: bear it, buy the hundred-dollar foot glove, or become an entrepreneur.

Lucky for Jimmy, the following summer offered him a job that involved the construction of a roof and the use of billboard vinyl as a tarp. Every year, the amount of this durable and washable vinyl that is tossed in a landfill could cover Massachussetts. Intrigued, Jimmy had first groundbreaking idea: build a giant slip ‘n’ slide. Indeed, it was a good one, but another idea seemed slightly more practical.

Introducing Paperfeet, the fair-trade and barefoot-emulating recycled billboard sandals that are produced ethically and domestically. There’s a world-improving mouthful, for ya.

Finally, you can literally stomp on those ads (power to the people!) and feel the glorious sensation of the barefoot lifestyle while saving yourself those band-aid and pumice expenses. Way to be, Jimmy.

And guess where you’ll be able to find these kicks at discounted prices?   You know it.

Til next time,

GG at Roozt

PS 6 days til launch! We can’t wait!


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