How To Make the US Power Grid Carbon Neutral by 2050

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Media

The power grid of any country is inefficient. With constant changes in population, technology, and trying to fuse it all together there are bound to be points all over the place where potential energy is wasted. To compensate for these we produce more power, more carbon, and a more polluted environment. So what’s the solution?

According to a plan by AMO, the solution is to simultaneously harness of the US’ geographic features in a way that will provide more than enough power year round. Breaking up the country into regions of solar, hydro, coal, wind, and biomass, AMO’s proposal uses a fully connected and fully sustainable grid. So sustainable in fact, that by 2050 the US could be fully carbon neutral. Check out the video:

ND with the ROOZT team

PS 12 days till launch! Let the countdown begin!


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