RUNAway to the Ecuadorian Amazon…and Sip Tea

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Industry News, Social Entrepreneurs, Vendors

Picture yourself trekking through the luscious Amazon rainforest  in Ecuador and stumbling upon an indigenous, self-sustaining town.  “Bienvenidos, amigos!” A hospitable woman offers you the age-old Amazonian shade-grown Guayusa tea, harvested in the field just across the way.  This tea—with its unique balance of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and caffeine—leaves you feeling revived and refreshed without the jitters and crash associated with most caffeinated drinks.  “Aaahhhh,” you say to yourself.  “Ain’t this the life?”

Now bring it back to the here and now (although you don’t have to totally “snap out of it”).  Established by three inspired students, Runa—Kichwa for “fully living human being”—is bringing this experience right to your living room while simultaneously supporting small organic farmers, promoting Amazonian conservation, and preserving the indigenous tribal cultures that have shaped the Amazon for thousands of years.  How’s that for “making a difference”?

While this tea doesn’t come with the screams of howler monkeys and the aromas of the forest’s 40,000 plant species*, it does provide sustainable livelihoods for the 600 Ecuadorian farmers that Runa trains and supports through fair trade practices.  Not to mention, their organic practices serve as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the slash and burn practices that contribute to immense Amazonian deforestation.  Considering that Brazil alone cleared an area the size of California in a span of just 15 years**, practices like this will be essential in mitigating the effects of global and regional climate change.

Drink tea?  Care about stuff?  Runa’s your biz.  Honestly, these folks are on to something, and we consumers can vote with our wallets for a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet.  Spend wisely.

Peace, love, and clean air,

GG at Roozt

*World Wildlife Fund

**NASA Earth Observatory

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