Social Entrepreneurs Are The Ultimate Problem Solvers: The Jen Darling Case Study

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Industry News, Man/Woman of the Day, Social Entrepreneurs, Vendors

The more business owners I meet and work with in the realm of Social Enterprise the more I see a list of personality traits that are industry wide. The most obvious, of course, being that the Social Entrepreneurs weigh both profits and purpose on similar levels (in many cases with purpose being the primary focus). But a trait that occurred to me is that Social Entrepreneurs are really just big time problem solvers. They see a problem and they work to fix it. They see an opportunity and they work to create something new. They have a passion for both building and creating so they combine their passions.

This is the case with one of our partners whose story I thought was a perfect example. Jen Darling has been making her own clothing and shoe bags since 2008. It turns out the standard plastic bags were not only bad for the environment, but also for the high end clothes themselves. So what was Jen’s solution? Start producing her own quality bags of course. Bags that were good for both the environment and the clothes. Like a true problem solver she put the pieces together and by the end of the year her bags were being debuted in an event for London Fashion Week. Fast forward some more and you’ll see her bags featured by everyone from TreeHugger to NBC with celebrity fans ranging from Anne Hathaway to the New England Patriots (hey, even Tom Brady needs a fashionable, eco-friendly garment bag sometimes).

Jen Darling is definitely a problem solver. And the best part is her bags are Roozt Approved on all levels: Fair trade approved, eco-friendly textiles, eco-responsible and even made in California. She gives a portion of revenues to Surfrider! Check her out here and look for her bags coming to Roozt soon!


ND with the Roozt team

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