“Examine the Bottle, Not the Content”: EcoUsable’s Beautiful Bottles Walk the Walk

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Industry News, Social Entrepreneurs, Vendors

More and more seem to be hopping on the trendy “green” bandwagon, screwing in energy-saving light bulbs and grabbing their canvas bags before entering the grocery store.  Guilty?  My answer: yes, and proud of it.

Lucky for us, EcoUsable continues to provide fashionable and distinguishable top-notch stainless steel water bottles in all shapes and sizes.  Most who know me would call me an environmentalist and, really, I thought I’d seen it all in terms of anti-disposable-water-bottle gear.  But Water Wrapz?  Ecousable not only sells the bottles…they also sell these stylish images (both pictures and text) that make it darned easy to distinguish your bottle from your roommate’s.  What a concept!

So surely Ecousable is keeping up with the times – but do they walk the walk?  At first glance, I was a bit of a skeptic as far as Ecousable’s social and environmental practices are concerned.  Their products are made in China to “keep prices affordable.”  To me, this statement screamed “sweatshops,” until I read further.  Ecousable employs a team that inspects the manufacturing facility—which only contains employees over 19 years of age that receive competitive wages—to ensure a safe and hospitable working environment.  Socially, I say they’re doing a-okay.

But alas, reusable water bottles are meant to improve environmental quality—to lessen humanity’s carbon footprint and reduce anthropogenic climate change…you know the rest.  Along these lines, Ecousable is definitely talking the talk, packaging with biodegradable bags, shipping bottles in recycled cardboard, recycling wasted materials, and using compact fluorescent lighting in their facility.  Oh, and they have a fundraising campaign to eliminate the health risks and environmental hazards of plastic water bottles in schools.  Not to mention that an independent consultant is currently running a green audit on the factory.  I’ll give them a 9.5 out of 10 (just because nobody’s perfect).

So check them out, give them your own rating, and—if you don’t have one yet—look for awesome deals on Ecousable stainless steel bottles and wraps coming your way super soon!  Trust me, when you eliminate disposable bottles from your grocery list, you’ll be saving more than the environment (hint: $$$).  I’ll drink (H20) to that.

Check them out here and check Roozt in early September to get your own EcoUsable water bottle!


GG at Roozt


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