Survivor Stands Up to Cancer

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Industry News, Man/Woman of the Day, Social Entrepreneurs, What We're Up To, Worldwide

Today I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Ethan Zohn, Survivor Africa Champion, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, and most recently, Cancer survivor. Ethan may be one of the most inspirational people I have met in a long time. We connected today to talk about collaboration between Roozt and an inspiring non-profit that he founded called Grassroot Soccer, a youth focused organization that uses the power of soccer to teach HIV / AIDS education to children in Africa. We are in talks of partnering with Grassroots Soccer to sell their T-Shirts on Roozt as well as make them a beneficiary of our customer’s donations. I encourage you all to check out the amazing work they are doing in their video and witness how they have harnessed something seemingly unrelated to a massive global epidemic and used its influence to create positive change in the world.

Ethan Zohn (left) & Kids from Grassroots Soccer

What further inspired me was that just today Ethan announced the Survivor Stand Up To Cancer initiative where they are using one of the worlds most popular TV shows to help raise money for direct cancer research so we can one day soon find a cure for this devastating disease. Ethan tells his story here, and it is a powerful one that you should all read…

Ethan Zohn is shining example of how one person, even when faced with the biggest challenge of his life, can stand up and make a difference in the world. He is a prime example that harnessing the power of business, entertainment, and sports to make a difference in the world is not only a great idea, but an inspiring reality.

I look forward to the opportunity for Roozt, our team members, and our supporters to  be able to collaborate with Ethan, Grassroot Soccer, and the StandUpToCancer initiative. Thank you for your amazing work Ethan!

Brent Freeman, Founder / CEO of


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