“Steppin’ Easy, Feelin’ Good”- The FeelGoodz Mentality

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Social Entrepreneurs, Vendors

“I found the most comfortable flip-flop in the world… I tried a pair on, and that was it. LIGHTBULB.”
Feelgoodz ROOZT

When I found FeelGoodz, it was a huge learning experience. First off, I learned that Thailand is the leading exporter of all natural rubber. Not only that, but flip flops are so popular there that they say everyone in the country owns at least one pair. From these discoveries, FeelGoodz was born. According to Kyle Berner, FeelGoodz is the fusion of two passions: Thailand and flip flops. He considers himself a flip flop connoisseur and even went so far as to quit his corporate, suit wearing job for something more flexible in the footwear: a hotdog stand. From there, his travels took him to Thailand where he connected the dots to bring us the most comfortable flip flops in the world!

The good story aside, FeelGoodz’ method of giving back is inspiring. For each pair purchased, 5 children in impoverished parts of Thailand are fed for a day. Not only that, FeelGoodz is also B Certified and 1% for the Planet Certified, so they’re a source you can trust. And with their all natural flip flops biodegrading in under 4 years, they have an amazing business setup. Who would’ve thought all of this would come out of a love for flip flops? Goes to show you can bring a passion for change into any industry…

Check them out here! Start picking out your favorites because they’re coming to the ROOZT site soon!

ND with the ROOZT team

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