Helping Us Bring Sexy Back to Social Entrepreneurship: Cri De Coeur

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Social Entrepreneurs, Vendors

It amazes me on a daily basis to see the inspiring transition to newer and healthier ways of doing business. These businesses are just as competitive with their products as any others on the market but have strong missions behind them. Highlighting these companies is what ROOZT is in the Social Entrepreneurship realm for: to put the spotlight on ethical businesses with social missions and great products , so they can get the attention they deserve.

And no company is more deserving than Cri De Coeur. This company has been on our radar for a while. We recently added them to our vendor list, so we want to give you an intro!

First of all, the style is awesome. From earrings to shoes, everything we’ve come across has been sexy. I’ve been asked by almost every female in my life for hook-ups on Cri De Coeur shoes and told them I’d get them 50-70% off (on the ROOZT site of course 😉 ). This amazing style says something about the broader social entrepreneur industry: it is filled with capable professionals. Gone are the days where a sustainable business was only if you ran an alpaca farm in the middle of Oregon (although those efforts aren’t to be overlooked). The next generation of businesses are an upgrade from the previous business practices with ethical dealings built into the core. Cri de Coeur’s shoe line is fully vegan and huge! These girls are professional designers, trained by the best. Both are Parsons graduates in New York and are passionate about their work, which is evident in everything they produce.

Check out their site and drop us a comment on what styles you want to see on ROOZT!


ND with the ROOZT team


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