How Technology Can Bring Equality: Salman Khan’s “Khan Academy”

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Industry News, Man/Woman of the Day, Media, Social Entrepreneurs

I was told about the Khan Academy recently and looked it up as soon as I got to a computer. I immediately realized the impact something like this could have on the world. For those that aren’t familiar with the Khan Academy, it is an online library of recorded videos on almost all educational subjects. Literally everything from Stoichiometry to Polynomials to the Abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte. These videos are offered both in a Youtube channel and in the Khan Academy’s own website.

So how is this revolutionary?

First off, the courses go to college-level learning. That means for those that need a brush up on their Finance or Algebra fundamentals, the Khan Academy can give them some quick schooling. Most importantly, though, this endless supply of education in one place can offer something much broader: a free education for anyone with access to the internet. The fact that it goes to college level makes it all the more amazing. Some possible applications:

Salman Khan Academy

Salman Khan: Man of the Day

-Educating women in an area where they are otherwise severely oppressed

-Educating citizens in third world countries who don’t have access to adequate educational systems

-Businesses training their employees

-Current students who need a new or visual perspective on the subject

-ANYONE who wants further education in nearly any subject

The possibilities are endless and the results are inspiring. Organizations like the Khan Academy level the field by taking the barriers to entry for education out of the equation. In the information age, information is finally readily available. The only bottle neck on the equation now is the willingness of the individual to learn. That is equality at its finest. A future with education available freely will allow everyone who wants to do big things the opportunity to do so, instead of being constrained by setbacks financially, geographically, etc.

The Millenial generation is the most educated in history and, with programs like the Khan academy, there is a good chance higher education will spread even further.

If you haven’t heard or seen the Khan, definitely check them out. This goes without saying that today’s ROOZT man of the day is Salman Khan. He has a truly inspirational story and mission

Check out an intro video:

Much peace and much love,

ND with the ROOZT team


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