How To Make Alternative Transportation The Primary Transportation: Mobis Bikestation Technology

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Industry News, Social Entrepreneurs

What if cars were the least convenient form of transportation? In some cities this is the case, but in many it isn’t. In Los Angeles for instance, the idea of trying to get from Southbay to Hollywood without a car is a huge stretch for the average person. Not only would it take a ridiculous amount of time, but between trying to figure out the bus schedules, bus routes, and directions from wherever you’re coming from, the whole process feels like more trouble than it’s worth. In many places cars are just viewed as an easier and more flexible form of transportation. The result? More cars, more traffic, more congestion, and much more fossil fuel emissions.

So what’s the solution? The company “Mobis Transportation Alternatives” wants to flip the concept of automobile transportation on its head. With the simple goal of trying “to get more people using alternative transportation,” Mobis is using advanced bike-transit centers in strategic places within cities to make cars less convenient. These Bikestations will be maintained by daily, monthly, and yearly subscriptions paid by the bikers. Each station will consist of a bike storage system, a repair and upgrade system, and lockers. Everything is key activated and monitored to prevent the bike thefts and vandalism that is frequent in cities with high levels of bike transportation.

What makes the Mobis Bikestations so effective is that each station is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s not just a place to park bikes that also offers maintenance, it’s a way to connect different forms of transportation to allow  the system as a whole to improve. We expect big things from the Mobis team in the future so definitely check them out here!

Happy Friday boys and girls! Be safe!

-ND with the ROOZT team

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