Social Entrepreneurship Worldwide: South Africa

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Industry News, Social Entrepreneurs, Worldwide

I always enjoy coming across articles about Social Entrepreneurship in other countries. It’s one thing to see it in your city; it’s inspiring and reminds you that there are many others out there that share your passion for the fusion of business and philanthropy. But whenever I see Social Entrepreneurship abroad it touches on a similar but different feeling. It’s similar in its reminder that there are people like us everywhere, but even more that Social Entrepreneurship/ Social Enterprise can literally CHANGE THE WORLD.

The article I read recently in BusinessDay was specifically on the Social Entrepreneurship realm of South Africa. A piece that instantly stood out was, “[in South Africa] there is a lack of confidence in both government and civil society to solve [their] problems… This has led experts to pin their hopes on the emergence of a strong class of social entrepreneurs — businesses that operate for the social good — to do the job”. Wow. Take a second to reread that. The new and growing class of social entrepreneurs is what people are putting their faith in order for South Africa to prosper. Even above Government and the Civil Society.

In many ways it reflects the shift in mentalities that many people have had since the worldwide recession. Governments are trusted less. Huge companies are trusted less. “Too big to fail” has been proven false. What people are putting their continued faith in worldwide are companies and organizations that have a mission of social benefit built into their venture at its core. With this stance the company cannot shift to shady practices because it would lose its business at the same time.

We are at an amazing time in human history and we can’t wait to push forward!

Social Entrepreneurs we salute you and the world is counting on you for a bright future,

-ND for the ROOZT Team


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