Ranchers: A New Breed of Social Entrepreneurs

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Media

If you’ve been around the Upper and Lower Angels’ Knolls in downtown Los Angeles recently you might have seen something a little shocking: goats. In LA we have our own weird wildlife (the fabled giant LA sewer rats for one), but nothing like goats. It turns out the goat project is being put on by the Community Redevelopment Agency and is saving the city thousands of dollars. The alternative, of course, being being human workers (requiring pay) with gas powered weed whackers (requiring gasoline). Using the goat alternative, the CRA has helped save us money and yet another use of gasoline when there are healthier alternatives. For that we salute you Community Redevelopment Agency.

The goats have been brought up by the Environmental Land Management of San Diego after a standard construction style bidding process (capitalism and social responsibility at their finest). Almost half of the 100 goats are related to one another making the trip feel less stressful on the goats being with more familiar groups. This is the 3rd time in three years the goats have been brought up from San Diego to help clear the dried grass of the Angels’ Knolls and this year they may make record time.


ND with the ROOZT Team

Source: http://blogdowntown.com/2010/07/5484-cra-farms-out-for-goats-to-clear-angels-knoll cool blog check it out


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