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Posted: July 16, 2010 in Industry News, Social Entrepreneurs

As a company keeping constant tabs on the heartbeat of the Social Entrepreneur / Social Enterprise Business Movement, our team at ROOZT reviews hundreds of sites and products daily. Most are great ideas with an even greater mission. To see the rapid shift toward more responsible business practices is truly inspiring and keeps us all sane and focused on the movement we’re a part of.

That said, there are always companies that stand out. Sure, there are the TOMS shoes and TreeHugger.coms that stand out because they’re more in the public’s eye, but when a new company emerges with the ability to drastically change the daily lives of Americans for the better it gets our full attention (and a dedicated post).

Recently while doing some research, I stumbled onto the site and instantly had a “this is long overdue” sigh of relief. The site format and idea is simple: basically a Wikipedia style platform where both users and administrators have the ability to update information for free on a wide range of environmentally friendly solutions to daily problems. This is huge. Think about the implications of this. There have always been more environmentally conscious communities that share their experiences with one another to work on projects that result in a cleaner, healthier environment. But on the contrary there are also communities where things like sustainable living and carbon footprint reductions couldn’t be further from their daily lives. Even within those communities there’s likely to be many individuals who would make more environmentally conscious decisions if they were educated about them. Furthermore, from a financial/time/health perspective, sustainable practices are much more efficient. People focused on the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) angle suddenly have a reason to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The only thing lacking till this point was a place to compile the information for people.

“So what? I’m sure people could find the information on the internet for themselves”

I’m sure they could too. Maybe even in one place (although I haven’t seen another source and I spend a ridiculous amount of time scanning the web every day). The second reason why One-Earth has the ability to revolutionize American’s daily lives is because the site breaks information down into cities. That means information on how and where to compost, locations of restaurants serving locally grown food, lists of CSAs and Food Coops and anything else a local needs to practice sustainability to the highest degree.

A recent study showed that given the same product with a similar price, 89% of people would go with the one that supported a cause or was more environmentally friendly (I’ll find the source in the next day or so). In the end there will always be people that just don’t care about issues like sustainable living no matter how many different ways it’s explained to them. For the rest, the 89%, there is now a center of information that gives anyone in the world the ability to use and add information to slowly shift human culture towards healthier habits.

Check out and don’t forget to post your own sustainable solutions!

Much love and happy weekend,

ND with the ROOZT team

  1. Dino says:

    Great idea! I hope launches in Portland, OR soon! We need it up here.

  2. rooztblog says:

    They are an awesome company. Very detail oriented and open to new ideas. Definitely hit them up and request a Portland Category!

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