Samuel Dalembert is The Man of The Day

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Man/Woman of the Day

In the midst of the chaos shown on the news surrounding the earthquake in Haiti, it was hard to know really who was actually doing what. The media seemed just as confused. There was even controversy as to whether the relief funds were actually reaching their destinations…

All the depressing negativity aside, this was an opportunity to see who in the public eye would step up and take charge of getting Haiti relief in the wake of the massive quake. While many did answer the call and step up, one name in particular stood out: Samuel Dalembert. While others were tweeting, he was making calls to his homeland, while others were giving comments to the press he was giving press conferences before games, and while others in the spotlight were urging people to donate money he was setting up his own foundation.

He came up recently in an office discussion of who stepped up big in the wake of some of the huge natural disasters in recent times and for his efforts, Samuel Dalembert is the” Man of The Day”

-Samuel Dalembert Foundation for Haiti Relief

Peace and love,

ND for the ROOZT team

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