Social Entrepreneurs Lending A Cup of Sugar Nationwide

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Industry News, Social Entrepreneurs

A while ago I read an article on a little Social Entrepreneurship Startup called “NeighborGoods”. The company is a self proclaimed “safer, friendlier Craigslist” focusing on individual communities within a larger city. What NeighborGoods offers specifically is a service that allows these communities to share, rent, and trade anything and everything imaginable.

Think about it. You buy a new piece of furniture that you need to assemble and realize you don’t have a screw driver. Your options?

a.) Buy a power drill that will save you time but sit unused until your next furniture purchase 3 years later
b.) Buy a basic screwdriver to save money but end up spending an extra 4 hours on the project

And now…

c.) Check NeighborGoods for someone in your area that you could rent or borrow from!

The implications of ideas like this are HUGE. A more community approach to resources like lawnmowers, tools, kitchen items, etc that are rarely used but needed occasionally by all can have a huge impact. Not only could this lead to less landfill garbage in the future, but a community actively engaging in the sharing process gets people out of their homes and more involved with each other. The time of asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar suddenly doesn’t feel so far away…

NeighborGoods recently went nationwide after starting here in Los Angeles so a BIG congratulations to them. Check out their site and help support your community while cutting back on landfill waste! Oh yeah, and save a few bucks at the same time 😉


The ROOZT Team


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